About Me

I'm Corey, a recent graduate from UC Berkeley. As a freshman deciding between 3 potential majors, I was uncertain about where I'd be 5 years from now. But ultimately, I became fascinated with computer science. To me, computer science embodies the perfect blend of technical saavy, creative energy, and entrepreneurial spirit that empowers ordinary individuals to create revolutionary change.

Where I'm at

Since 2020, I've been at NVIDIA as a Machine Learning Engineer!


In Fall 2016, I began working at The Daily Californian designing production layouts. In 2018, I began running the Production department where I oversaw 2 creative project teams. From 2019 to 2020, I oversaw all business operations at the Daily Cal.

In 2017, while at the Daily Cal, I helped start and lead INK Creative, a student-run branding agency, working on 3 client projects and raising over $1000 in the first 2 months of operation.

In 2017, I began working with Prof. Laurent El Ghaoui researching lifted neural networks. The next year, I helped graduate students in Prof. Dawn Song's lab train a end-to-end automated machine learning (AutoML) model. During the summers, I worked at Tencent (Summer 2018) and Qualcomm (Summer 2019) as a deep learning research intern, where I researched, developed, and trained models to tackle real-world instance segmentation and low-power body detection problems respectivley.

In January 2019, I joined Cal Hacks to organize Cal Hacks 6.0, a 36-hour hackathon with over 2000 attendees, 37 sponsors, and countless memories :)